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Dear Educators:

I have always loved the classroom. Since I left school to become a full time writer, I've fulfilled my yearnings with in-person Author Visits.

Now that's changed and I watch from the sidelines as educators dive into technology and pivot to meet the ever-changing demands of Covid-19 safety.

And you still have all of the normal stuff. I haven't forgotten being slammed by too many standards & not enough time to teach them. Since I loved my kids, I did my best and I'm sure you do the same.

Here's how I can help: I'm taking my presentations VIRTUAL. If you want me in your classrooms -- no matter your current format (face-to-face, hybrid, etc) -- let's talk. Email me at [email protected] and we'll work something out. My usual visit fees have been reduced

Thanks for hanging in there,


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Based on Terri's award-winning non-fiction book WILD AT HEART: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them, this all-grades presentation does a lot of myth-busting as it uses wild horses to explore the impact of modern science on history, eco-systems and current events. Students interact with Terri via realia -- they see a delicate horse fossil close up -- and learn to model wild horse body language for friends as they view images by Pulitzer Prize winning, National Geographic photojournalist Melissa Farlow. Adapted according to grade-level.

Emphasis: fact-checking, evaluating sources, interdependent relationships in eco-systems

Sample this STEAM workshop by watching Terri's Zoom presentation with WASHOE COUNTY LIBRARIES.


It's a STEM workshop. Not a writing workshop? Yes, it's both! Science and language arts come together in this hands-on workshop for students grade 5-10. With the aid of on-screen realia and presenter/pupil interaction, young writers learn how relationships between prey and predators (including humans), environment and the physiology of structure and function impact the perspective of the character in setting and conflict. Movement and free-choice of the viewpoint animal makes it fun to create fact-based fiction. This workshop syncs well with Terri's non-fiction work WILD AT HEART: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them, which was honored by the National Science Teachers Association

Emphasis: Identifying point of view and perspective, creative writing, complementarity of structure and function


Join Terri Around a Virtual Campfire to Hear the Stories Behind Her Books

The lively art of storytelling pumps up students' listening skills as they journey with Terri from a sickly childhood where horses only existed in books to city-cowgirl on the trail of real-life mustangs. How did the Phantom Stallion series, which has sold over two million copies worldwide, begin? Farley tells how writing helped her meet and adopt the real Phantom Stallion. Stories, realia and images by National Geographic photojournalist Melissa Farlow allow listeners to ride along on rangeland research and walk the sidewalks of New York City to interview scientists for Terri's fiction and non-fiction work. Terri includes appreciation for classroom skills from reading and evaluating online sources to meeting deadlines and working with teacher/editors which helped her reach her goals. Most of all, she emphasizes that students' heads and hearts can help them enjoy adventures and achieve dreams. (Suitable for all ages ; great for parent nights and large-group presentations)

Emphasis: Following main presentation, students and Terri play Two Truths and a Lie to test listening skills and ability to make inferences based on what they've heard.

NEW WORKSHOPS by arrangement with Terri:

BACKBONE, NOT WISHBONE : Use Your Skills to Change Your World (Secondary and Professional Development)


TELL ME A STORY & I'LL WRITE YOU A STORY -- "The single most important activity for building . . . eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children." from Becoming a Nation of Readers report. Using newly released PHANTOM STALLION audio books for modeling and stimulus, Terri helps students create settings, characters, conflicts and stories of their own.