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Phantom Stallion E-Newsletter July 2015

Dear Readers,

I've missed you and I love that so many of you have continued to email me and write me letters. If I weren't so busy helping the WILD HORSES and writing MORE BOOKS, I'd be a better correspondent.

Because we're back together today, I'm sending you a July 4th hug and a free PHANTOM THE PROTECTOR mini-book. It's been for sale on Amazon.com, but today it's a free gift for you. I hope you enjoy your reunion with Sam, Jen, Jake and the Phantom!

Free Novella - Phantom, the Protector

Come on over to Riverbend Ranch and read this full-length novella for free!

What's so great about September 22, 2015?

WILD AT HEART: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them, my first ever non-fiction book which tells the true story of wild horses comes out!

What will WILD AT HEART look like?

WILD AT HEART is a full-color, hardback book full of action photographs taken by National Geographic photographer Melissa Farlow. It's big enough to hold in your lap and small enough to fit in a backpack.

What will WILD AT HEART's cover look like? Gorgeous!

What's inside the covers?

WILD AT HEART is a cross between PHANTOM STALLION and the wild animal documentaries you watch on television.

It takes you back in time, to peer through prehistoric bushes. You can be the first human to see wild horses that roamed North America with tusked mammoths, dire wolves and giant sloths. WILD AT HEART takes you inside family bands of mustangs and lets you understand their language.

Where do wild horses fit in Nature? Why are they disappearing? Who's trying to make their world safer? WILD AT HEART's eye-witness accounts and up-to-the-minute science answers those questions.

WILD AT HEART is the most beautiful book that's had my name on the cover because of the other name there! Melissa Farlow is an award-winning photojournalist and she loves wild horses! Next month, you'll hear more from her!

Do you want Terri to bring her WILD AT HEART presentation to you? Print out this flyer (or pass on the link) and then share it with a teacher and maybe I can visit your school. Give it to a book store staffer and maybe we can have an autograph party! Hand it to a librarian and guess what? If I'm doing a school visit or book signing nearby, I do library visits for free!

RUN WITH WILD HORSES on this brand new book trailer video!

Because WILD AT HEART is a hardcover, it's more expensive than my PHANTOM books, but if you'd like to pre-order it, you can get a discount, here and it will be delivered to you on the first day it's out, September 22.


Wild Horse News

In the U.S. state of Washington, a new survey by the Tribal Tribune says 57% of Colville Reservation residents feel wild horses are an important part of their culture.

Western stereotypes say Native Americans care deeply about their horses. While many do (above, blessings fall on advocates standing up for wild horses), others, like some members of the the Yakama (their reservation is just 4 hours from Coleville) release horses to roam and reproduce, and then tribal councils may decide to join BLM & National Forest Service round-ups and legally sell their horses for slaughter.


Native American and other U.S. citizens have not been asked to vote on these decisions.

Terri with Flash, a foal born to a Yakama tribe mare. He and his mom were rounded up. She was sold for slaughter as he and other traumatized babies watched. The foals were rescued and are recovering with loving care by people such as Palomino Armstrong.

What's happening to Native American horses? Read one sad story here.


Have you ever wanted your own cottage by the sea? Maybe you'd share it with your kitty pal and a bird who's built a nest on your front porch. Your friends will come visit later in the summer and of course your grandmother's big house is only a few minute's walk across the sand. You haven't sleep-walked for years, but suddenly some memories from those days are coming back. And how weird is it that the mysterious boy that once saved you from drowning is back, too?

Welcome to Gwen's summer . . .

Where is Terri Farley?

July 12 - Art Paws
I judge the dog costume contest! McKinley Arts and Cultural Center, 925 Riverside Dr. Reno, Nevada

July 31-Aug 1 SCBWI Los Angeles
I present "Nonfiction Writing for Fiction Writers? & "Getting Serious About Series"
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, CA
Info: https://www.scbwi.org/events/44th-annual-scbwi-summer-conference-in-los-angeles/


September 26 FIRST booksigning of WILD AT HEART at Sundance Books, 2 pm, 121 California Avenue Reno, Nevada

World Premiere of WILD AT HEART:
Presentation and booksigning
October 3, 2015
Sundance Bookstore
121 California Avenue
Reno Nevada
Terri Farley & Melissa Farlow

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