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February 1

Well, it's a new month and after a huge storm crashed down on the entire west, the sun is shining again. As soon as we can escape, Blaze and I are going to head out for a romp in the snow. It's light and feathery and nice to play in and, better than that, if we slip out, Gram won't be able to drop any more hints that I need to clean my room. Since I already water-proofed everyone's boots, I'd say I've done my housework for the day. And Blaze agrees, even if no one else does!

Since the weather has been so crazy, I haven't had a chance to take many pictures, but I did catch a shot of Cougar stalking Brynna's shoelaces. It looks like they're dancing! When the clouds cleared yesterday, I got a few nice photos of Blaze and Blue Wings playing. Who would have guessed those two would turn into buddies? And the sweetest one, just before the snow really started up again was Tempest trying to lick the snowflakes off a puddle before they melted.

If the Phantom ever appears when I have my camera with me, I plan to take an incredible shot (how could it not be, with him as the subject???) and then blow it up to poster size and hang it over my bed. I would love the feeling that he's watching over me.

If the snow can just stay smooth and white, Ace and I will try to track him. Even though I'm not the best tracker in the county (we all know who is), I've been seeing quail and coyote prints in fresh powder, and hoof prints should be easy to spot compared to those!

Dr. Scott's going to come out and check the horses' teeth tomorrow. I wonder how Tempest will do. She hardly even knows him. She's been such a healthy little filly; she doesn't even know the sound of the vet's truck. I have to tell Dr. Scott thanks for something, too. According to Dallas, Dr. Scott is the one who spread the word about my photography to Clara. "Sam Forster?" she asked him, and Dallas said Dr. Scott came right back with, "Yep, she might just be the most famous horse photographer you never heard of!" And now she wants to frame some of my horse shots for the coffee shop walls!

Wow, if the snow wasn't up to Ace's knees, I'd ride down to Clara's right now. Hot pineapple upside down cake sounds amazing. Yum.

I hope the weather doesn't keep the mustangs from pawing through the snow to what's left of the grass, but Jen and I are keeping watch. If the weather gets too rough, Jen and I are going to ride out with as much hay as possible and trickle it around in a big old heart for Valentine's Day!

As always, OUR hearts are with the horses!