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October 1

How exciting is this???

Jen, Jake and I have to do a public service project for school, so we're helping out with a costume contest at the elementary school. That's not the exciting part, but this is: we get to have the kids put on a neighborhood parade and for that, we're supposed to rider our horses in costume.

We sat around last night with Gram and a huge plate of oatmeal cookies and brainstormed costume ideas and here's what we came up with...

Me and Ace are going to pretend we just finished taking a bath! I'm going to stick blue and white balloons on us (to look like bath bubbles), and wear a towel on my head, but Ace is going to wear a shower cap. Wearing my bathrobe, I'll lead him with a rubber ducky on his back!

Jake and Witch -- The quiet guy and crazy horse are going to compromise their dignity for the little kids. I don't know why this makes me proud of them, but it does. Well, of Jake, actually, because Witch didn't get a vote. These two are going to look like they just got up! Jen and I are going to back comb Jake's hair and Witch's mane (bed head!) and he's going to wear a sleep cap and carry an alarm clock while sitting on a pillow to ride her~ too funny.

Jen is going to ride Golden Rose and dress like a vaquera! She'll wear all black and silver, and so will Rose, and that will look really dramatic, I think, against Rose's golden palomino coat. Jen's wearing a flat-brimmed sombrero (with her hair in a tight bun at the back of her neck), close-fitting trousers with caireles (little silver horse head-shaped decorations) down the sides, and silver tassel things across the brow band, above Rose's big brown eyes.

I can't wait!